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Let's rock. No, genre's obsolete, I'm sorry. Let's do nothing.

Seven and a Switchblade

8 November 1985
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I'm 25 years old, and married. I have been with my wife, Emily (fullcollapse) for over 8 years, and we finally tied the knot on November 22nd, 2008.

We moved to Chicago from Dayton, OH. Because we enjoy being able to do things without cities crumbling around us... Wait... What?

I listen to a LOT of music. Some bands I'm into are Manic Street Preachers, Jimmy Eat World, Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer, NOFX, Fall Out Boy, Val Emmich, Panic At The Disco, Andrew W.K., Empires, New Found Glory, Brand New, Daft Punk, Arma Angelus, The Gaslight Anthem, Bruce Springsteen, Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra, Blink-182, The Breeders, Slayer, The Ramones, MXPX, My Chemical Romance, Saves The Day, The Smiths, Regina Spektor, Metallica, Nation of Ulysses, nine inch nails, Thursday, Less Than Jake, Reel big Fish, The Academy, and a lot more.

If you want to know my musical tastes of the past few years, I'd suggest going to view these...
Top Ten for 2009
Top Ten for 2008
Top Ten for 2007
Top Ten for 2006

... and this was my top fifty list of the past decade, 2000-1009: Top Fifty.

If you really, want to know what I'm listening to at the moment (or at least what my computer is playing in the background), check out my last.fm thing. Or not. It's really not that important.

I really don't like putting a lot of stuff here, so if you wanna know shit about me, just talk to me. Is that so hard?

Two things I will say, though:

One is that I am totally, one hundred percent unfiltered on this journal. I never use filters. If I don't want someone to see something, I don't post it. Don't ever think you're not getting all of what I post on here.

Two is that I screen anonymous comments. If a post *IS* made anonymously, there are 1,000,000,000,000 to 1 odds of it actually going through, as I don't even think that the option should exist. Come on, people. The internet is already a faceless, voiceless, usually emptionless communication device as it is, why hide the made up name you use while you're here? Have the testicular fortitude to own up to the things you say, or don't say them at all.

Not that anyone else gives a shit, but I thought someone might want to know.

The pictures in my Manics user icon were taken by someone on the FD board with the username of bornagirl76. I hope this is satisfactory for her.

I don't know who made my Ronnie Dobbs icon, so if you did, dont' flip out on me. Just let me know, and I'll give ya credit for it.

Married To The Sea